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Manqol is a New idea to revamp the regular forums to more interactive and rich content outlet to spread knowledge, ideas and relations to create 1st of it's kind community online in World and in ME.


DreamSoft is a software development company implementing IT-projects of any complexity. Our experience in providing successful web development, backend web programming, e-commerce development services ,Web Hosting and Advertising.

Dawa Bank

Dawa bank [that bank of medicine] is a charity idea to encourage people to share with medications and needed medicine for poor people and to reuse un used depository .

latest news

Successful keynotes in Cairo University stop during Adobe Tour in Egypt

It was a wonderful stop for Adobe tour in Egypt 2009 in Cairo university, computer science faculty, hosted by IS Society in Computer Science Faculty.

Topics Ranged between RIA world and Internet future, Artwork and design techniques and Adobe Flex demos and discussion.

Amr Eldeeb in middle of his keynotes about design techniques.

Technical Articles

Adobe Photoshop future vision

Late in 2003 when I started to work for real business and using Photoshop professionally I used to add many layers as I need and I add many layers to fix the missing layers I created or to replace other without any kind of arrangment or to use any type or masking, naming, or linking techniques that Photoshop offered me that time.

since this time like any other Photoshop user I had my own style of work and it developed by time not by others. Later I Joined a full time job as a designer then the Impact of misunderstanding other team members to my files developed my style a lot and changed my techniques to stay in the same tone for others. Read More

Big Names

Through my expierience I innovated a lot of work for big names and very familliar names all over the world and in the ME region, I have the honor to work with all these names, work include branding, printing and web pages too.


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